Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things you should NOT mix.

Throwing you back to last weekend when, we went out with one of Scotty's army buddies. We went out to a bar and I believe I drank way more than I should have.
This is what you should not mix:
I order a Vodka Cranberry.

Then they came around the shooters. I got one lemon drop. 

Then they had jello shoots. I had one. Sorry but the boobs didn't come with it. 
I know, made me sad too.

Then there were about 3 Jagermeister shots through out the night. 
And I order another Vodka and Cranberry which I don't even think I finished. 

Then we went back to Scotty's buddy's house.
And I had two glasses of red wine. 

By the time we got picked up to go home I was laying down in the back seat.
By  the time I walked in the house and turned the corner to the bathroom I was puking!
So now Warning!!!!!
Never mix vodka, lemon drops, jello shots, jager, more vodka, and red wine. 

Thought I would give you all fair warning!

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