Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Big Girl Bed

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Skylee is only 2 and a half years old and now has a Big Big Girl Bed.
We went a few weekends ago and got her a twin size bed. We thought she was ready because she hardly ever fell off your toddler bed.
We had the money and we found this beautiful bed on Craigslist for $95.

We also bought the blanket and sheet set at WalMart for $30. 
She loves it. 
I love the posts on all four corners. 
She calls it her princess bed. 
It came with the small side table there on the left. 

This morning she told me she was,
" Princess Skylee Snuggle Bear."
I love that little girl!


Jennifer said...

That's really cute! Good deal too! I love craigslist..

Sharisse Lopez said...

Yeah, Gaia's been in a twin bed since she started sleeping alone. We co-slept so never had a crib. And buying a toddler bed seemed like a waste.

She looks adorable! I love the posts, too!

Anonymous said...

She's growing up!! AWWWWWW!

Just got The Boss a twin bed. he's five. yeah...i'm a little behind.

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