Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Sponsor Rebecca!!!!

Hola! My name is Rebecca. I am obsessed with: ♥ Scary Movies ♥ The Tudors ♥ Marie Antoinette ♥ Coach Bags ♥ Blogging ♥ Facebook. The list can go on. I’m a very crafty and creative person, however, I seem to never have the time to do any of that and I wish I did. I have a full time job working as a digital cartographer/graphic artist.
♥ spending my free time being out at the beach, playing the piano, designing, baking, researching info on my favorite historical characters, shopping, tanning, dancing, painting, singing, watching movies, playing around with makeup. Just being all around girly!

I currently live in Florida though I have lived all over the place. Thanks to my mom & dad being in the Army. I have gotten to see places where otherwise I would have only seen in my dreams.

1 comment:

Christine Thomas said...

I love Rebecca! woohooo!

She is a fantastic blogger!

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