Thursday, February 9, 2012

Show Us your Plum!!!

Manic Mother

Today I'm linking up with Janette and Ashley to show you my plum!
Sounds kinda dirty doesn't it? 

So here's my Plum.

I got this really cute Red Knitted Head Band. 
It's super soft and totally cute and can be wore with anything. 
I love it. 
And I totally think I can rock it. 

Check out Pick Your Plum 
Also check out their Facebook Page 

Thanks to 

Cherished Bliss

For putting this Link up party together!!!!

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Sharisse Lopez said...

I got a head band just like that. I forgot who sent it to me, but I got it in a Holiday Gift Exchange from a crafty lady. Do you remember where you got yours? It's killing me that I can't remember...

Johanson Family said...

you are rockin' it girl!! Very cute!! The lil' model beside you is super cute too!! thanks so much for linking up with us!! xoxo

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