Friday, January 20, 2012

The Nail Files

The Nail Files

This is becoming one of my favorite link ups. 
It keep me doing my nails and making them pretty. 
Without this link up I would look like this. 

But right now this is trending. 
Have you heard this?
Yep chipped nails is cool now. 
I was cool and didn't even know it. 

But right now after just painting this for this link up they look like this :

Yep this the accent nail again. 
I really like having one.

Now go link up your nails!


jennie said...

Bahaha! Well thank goodness you're linking up! Love the teal!

tara said...

lol. the link up makes me keep my nails looking pretty too! :)

Sara S said...

Cute nails!

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