Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don't Judge Me.

My name is Nikki and I am ...

Please don't judge me. I get enough of that in real life from everyone, close and far. I am not going to talk about my relationships or sex, just my feels.
Here's my story.

I have always found an attraction to women. Even at a very young age. But I also knew I liked boys too. For a long time I just pushed back feelings and thought they were ok, as long as I didn't act on them.
I didn't know what bisexual meant until I was abut 15 or 16 years old.
It was then that I knew what I was and why I was feeling the way I was.
I grow up around some gay people. One of my mom's closes friend is a lesbian and I knew what that was and even got a chance to go to her wedding.
So to say I wasn't fully in the dark. I just didn't know you could like both sexes at the same time.
When I got to be about 17 or 18 being bisexual became like a trend.
This really pissed me off. I hated that fact that girls were using each other to get a guy to like them. I found this totally wrong in so many ways and found it just hurt peoples feelings.

To be straight ( lol had to throw a joke in here somewhere.) I believe in being with one person at a time. In no way am I like a swinger ( no offence to swingers, whatever floats your boat.), that's just not me.

I told my husband from the beginning what I was and what I believed in. I also told him if he could not handle that then I didn't need to waste my time with him.
Thankfully he understood and we moved forward with our relationship.

I am married to a man as you all know and whatever goes on in our relationship or bedroom is between us and is a mutual agreement.
I am happy in my marriage and life.
I am happy with who I am and how I feel.


Christa said...

Love you girl! It takes A LOT of courage to open up like this essentially the the world. You are awesome and should never feel ashamed of yourself (not saying you do).
People WILL say mean things, not everyone will try to understand, and thats ok. Those people are closed minded ignorant ass holes and you dont need people like that.
No not everyone has to agree or even understand but that doesnt mean they cant accept and love you regardless.


Christa said...

*TO the world

Vicki said...

I think you are friggin awesome for opening up like this! People are closed minded and often judge what they don't understand, but as long as you know your truth that's all that matters!

Celia said...

I think it's so great that you posted this!!!! Thanks for opening up to us! You do you girly! =)

Christine Thomas said...

Girl I love you! It is so brave of you to open yourself up in this area, it's not easy. I know from experience. I too am bisexual. Thankfully I have awesome friends and family and while not all 'approve' of my 'decision' (don't get me started on that one!) they do accept me as I am and love me.

Let your freak flag fly girlfriend!!

rebecca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rebecca said...

Girl, if anyone judges you other then your personality, they are not worth shit. You are awesome and beautiful and people who can be open and true about who they really are... Well we need more people like that. Be proud of yourself. Being gay, straight, bi..... At the end of the day, everyone is still beautiful. And it takes guts to say what you did and no matter what, we still all luv ya! I barely have any straight friends. You are no different then anyone else and don't let people make you feel that way. Everyone should be treated equal because at the end of the day, we all bleed the same. I'm in all support for you!

insomnia said...

I think some chicks are totally hot. I am not bi though.
To each his/her own I say.

Anonymous said...

Props to you for "coming out." I didn't bat an eye at this. I read somewhere that all humans have bisexual tendencies. My husband denies such a report, lol. But I swear I read it somewhere!


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