Sunday, November 13, 2011

What is in a Name?

I named my daughter Skylee for many reasons.
One I didn't hear it everywhere. Like Ashley and Brittney. Sorry if one of those is your name. You're awesome though.
Two I did hear it in a blink-182 song on their live album. Yep that's me super dork!
I spelled it the way I did because I hate word that aren't spelled the way they sound, like "laugh" really? I would spell it "laf".
But now my baby is the only Skylee I know.
Now there is:
Skylee Purple.
Meet Skylee Purple, also comes in green.
I kinda wanna buy this for my daughter because they have the same name. Also kinda mad they stole my shit. That name was mine.
Find out more about Skylee Purple here at Target.

Why did you choose the name you did for your child?


jess ♥ said...

I wanted uncommon names for my kids too. I read nolan's name in a baby book and feel in love with it, soft yet strong. Archer I heard in a book (Rockabye) and loved it for its strength and uniqueness :)

Nolan's middle name is Daniel, after my dad, Archer's middle name is Joseph Edward, after my papa (Joseph) and Edward is Matt's middle name, my dad's middle name and matt's dads middle name.
Skylee is very pretty!!

RAY J said...

I hear ya!

Our last name is Johnson and well, that's like *the* most popular last name in our city if ya flip through a phonebook... so of course we wanted something unique for kids that you didn't hear often.

Hubby came up with Jaydran awhile back for one of his sci-fi stories he writes and has used it for various other things as well (including an infamous World of Warcraft character, which most people we know recognize the name from, lol...). I originally thought it was too strange but it grew on me and I gave it the green light, especially since I think the nickname of Jay is cute and if he doesn't like his actual name Jay's a simple enough shortened version to go by.

And the best thing - since hubby made it up, he's the only Jaydran (or so Google would make it seem!). We have an uncommon enough girl's name to use for a girl, but if we have another boy... we got some work to do as hubby pointed out we can't just give our kids run of the mill names since we already got one with a made-up name, lol...

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