Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rockin' Halloween

I'm so sad it's over. I loved all the decorations we had this year and now I have to pack them all back up. Skylee had so much fun, she really got the idea of trick or treating this year, which was so awesome to see. Next year will be bigger and better!!

Cutest little fairy ever, even though people kept calling her a butterfly. 

They shot me, but I still live Mawhahaha! People just thought I got hit in the head or a car crash!

That's my zombie hubby. People knew he was a zombie. 

Every time we take a picture now she pushes her face against mine, so sweet!

I guess she gets it from me. 

All our loot! 

Momma had to check it for poisons. 

Until next year my Zombie Loves!

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