Monday, October 17, 2011

To Chop or Not to Chop ?

I have been seeing everyone with their cute short hair cuts and I think I'm falling for it all.
I love my long hair, I really do. I just need a change. And it's hair, it will grow back.
I want a little longer than shoulder length cut, layered in the front, I can't decide on bangs or not right now.
And I really can't find the perfect picture of what I want either.
So here are some pictures of cuts I don't want.

too short.

too much bangs.

ok I do like this one, but it needs something more in the front. Maybe thinned out too. 
I like the look of this one, just needs to be a little longer. 

Good thing I'm having a friend cut my hair. Anyone who didn't know me, would hate me for how picky I am. 

What do y'all think?


Vicki said...

I've gotten my hair cut the style of the first pic (your too short choice) and have brought in that exact picture for inspiration ... it was one of my favorite cuts ever :)

rebecca said...

I'm about to get a new 'do this week too! Normally, I let my hair grow really long then chop it off to my ears and donate it. And I do that about every 2 years. But I'm thinking I'm going with bangs this time. Kind of like how you pictured in number 1. That is the length of my hair right now

Anonymous said...

I cut all of my hair off not too long ago, also.

Between us, I kinda wish I hadn't...but oh well. ;)

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