Saturday, August 6, 2011

We have Mater

Bad picture I know. It was from my phone and at night. But you get the idea.
So yep, last night we went out and got Skylee' birthday gift while we had the money. We stood in the ride on toy aisle for forever trying to pick something out. We just could not make up our mind on which one to get her.
They had the pretty pink and purple ones and they had a on sale Handy Mandy. They had the cool look Spider Man and then they had the awesome Tow Mater!
Yup as you see we got her Tow Mater!!!!!
It's so darn cute. I love it. I just hope she loves it.
I hope it's not like she gets on it and cries or something.  That would be our luck.
But yup we have everything coming together for her birthday.
Invites are mailed and I'm making decorations whenever I get the time. Persent is bought, by us and the grandparents.
This year is going to be the best birthday party ever!

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