Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was given this awesome award by the awesome bitch herself Rockin_Mama

The Rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:

Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to them in your 


Share 7 things about yourself.

Then pass it along to 15 newly discovered blogs. 

7 things about myself: 

  1. I have no idea what I really wanna do with my life. I'm learning about myself as I go. 
  2. I just recently started to leave the house without wearing make-up. I guess I'm learning not to care to much.  
  3. I have 5 notebooks filled with poems. I started it when I was a freshman in high school. 
  4. I suck at cooking but I try my ass out. 
  5. My phone is never more than a room away if that. Makes the hubs mad sometimes.
  6. I used to wanna be a tattoo artist until I learned I pretty much sucked at drawing. 
  7. I really wish I was shorter so I could rock a really hot pair of stripper heels. 

I have found a lot of awesome blogs lately! 
So here you go ladies!


Destiny said...

I fucking suck at drawing too! I can only draw straight lines! haha.

&& cooking can suck my fucking balls.

tara said...

Thanks girl!! I totally suck at cooking too!

Liz Taylor Training said...

Girl I am w/ you on learning what you want to do w/ your life ... me too. xoxo

Rachel said...

I always have my phone with me too. I'm sure it drives my boyfriend nuts.

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