Thursday, August 18, 2011

See ya later Kate + 8

So Kate Plus 8 was cancelled. Thank God right? I used to like the show, that was when they were babies and stayed at home most the time.
They grew up, Kate split from John and the whole show just became Kate shopping and the kids taking vacations. That's great you popped out 8 kids and got rich off it, awesome for you.
You are the reason Octomom wants a show. And no one wants to see that crazy bitch have her own show.
The show started out showing the world how you handle raising that many kids. Lord knows I would be clueless. I have one and when she was born my mom had to show me how to dress how because I was scared I was going to break her or something. I do give Kate some credit for keeping her shit together.
But this new pretty Kate needs to relearn how to be a stay at home mom. Mommyhood is not all about taking your kids on vacation all over the place all the time.
Face it Kate, you got cancelled because we are tired of you rubbing your money and fame on our faces. I don't care to watch you have fun at the beach or at the zoo in some other country.
I wanted to see you be a stay at home mom like before with all your cute little kids running around. I don't wanna see you dance with stars or wear a bathing suit.
What happened to you Kate? You started off looking so normal. Now I wouldn't be able to pick you out of a famous, blonde, tan line up.
I wish Kate and the kids the best in their life's. I hope they get to go to school and be normal for a while. I hope Kate finds a man who will pt up with her shit like John did. And I hope they all life happily ever after!


Chrissy said...

Thank God that crazy bitch got cancelled. I haven't watched since she and Jon were still together in the early days, lord she drove me insane. lol

Allie said...

Can she take the Duggers with her?

I don't want my reality shows to be about people who spit out a bunch of kids. I want them to be about girls with sex tapes and racial stereotypes who drink to much.

☆aceycakes☆ said...

I hate this bitch, now she'll have to get a real job like everyone else because nobody gives a shit about her drama anymore.

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