Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tattoo stressed

I have been thinking tattoos non-stop for the past three weeks. Trying to pump out three articles a week on tattoos in the Atlanta area is hard work. I think of nothing but tattoos. That's probably why I've been such a horrible blogger lately. I'm so sorry for my lack of commitment to this blog. This blog isn't the only thing I have been letting down lately.
I haven't even finished my book I have been working on. I'm almost done too. I just need a awesome ending. To tell the truth I haven't even thought about it. I have three more weeks until I can get a 2nd article on Examiner.com. I want something to do with kids. Tattoos for a article topic I feel is a very limited field. I'm stressing myself out trying to find new things to write about.
I am currently trying to find a tattoo artist to help me with a article. I hoping it will be good.
I am also looking for people who have gotten tattooed in the Atlanta area in the last 3 months to be featured in my articles. If you fit in there please let me know. I would love to interview you.
Other than that stress, I'm so excited about vacation coming up next week. I can't wait to feel the sand in my toes, the ocean breeze on my body, and the warmth on a nice drink in my tummy. LOL.
Kisses my loves!

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Felina Baltazar said...

I hope you have a great stress free vacation. Have a fancy drink for me too! :)

New Follower from Bloggymoms.

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