Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sticky Toddler Drama

We went to the good ol' dollar store yesterday to pick up somethings I needed to start working on Skylee's birthday party coming up.
We got up to the check out and skylee was picking things up out the the cart and putting them on the belt. She was also helping the cashier move them forward. It was really cute.
When I am putting the bags into the cart and getting ready to go, the cashier gives skylee one of those really big lolly pops for helping her. How sweet was she?!
Skylee of course liked it. Not so much me. I mean yea I like my kid getting free stuff, who wouldn't? But it was already 7:30pm, skylee's bed time is at 8pm. I had to fight with a screaming, sticky toddler who throw herself into the floor, to get this thing away from her. Not cool.
It would have been okay if it was earlier in the day or if the lady would have given it to me so I could give it to her at a earlier time.
But look how cute she is with that big ol' lolly pop.

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