Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shit I hate Sunday

  • Being so tired my eyes burn. 
  • Being woke up early on the hubs day off because he can't sleep as late as me. 
  • cleaning this house. I love my house but with a 2 year old running around, it's never clean. 
  • packing for anything. yes that also means going to the beach. 

ok I know that was short but mommyhood calls !


Liz Taylor Training said...

Mamahood calls and you gotta answer baby! I'm with you on the hubs not letting you sleep in. My b/f always wakes me up too. GRRR

rebecca said...

Girl, the eyes burning cause you're so tired is the story of my life and it sucks!

Destiny said...

are you sure that's why your eyes are burning! same thing happens when you get shot in the eye with cum! haha ;)

agree with a clean house, I gave up on that shit 3 kids ago...tee hee

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