Friday, July 8, 2011

My Daily Make-Up Look.

( I look Crazy in this picture )

On a normal day this is my look.  Eye liner, some shadow, and lipstick.


Steps to get my eyes:
  1. I start by lining under my eye with black eye liner.  and I also add concealer under my eye.
  2. Then I cover my eye lids with white eye shadow. 
  3. Then I go in with grey shadow and start by adding a heavy amount to the bottom of my eye lid. Kinda creating a line. 
  4. Then I work my way up getting lighter as I go. 
  5. I then add more white shadow under my eye brow, the inner corner of my eye and under my eye.
  6. I then add mascara to the top lashes.

Then I move to my lips.

  1. I start by liner my lips with a dark red liner. I don't line too dark, just a light line. 
  2. Then I add a shaded lip gloss. Most days I use red. 
  3. I them take my finger and blind in the liner with the gloss. 

There you have it, my daily make-up look.

Whats your daily make-up look?

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