Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Want To Know Wednesday

I'm linking up with Janette, Mamarazzi, Shawn , & Impulsive Addict for We Want To Know Wednesday.


1. What was the last thing you searched for online?
The last thing was yesterday when I searched about dog lotion. My puppy has dry skin.
2. If we visit your home state, what is one MUST we should do before leaving?
Have a Vortex burger. They are awesome and the best ever ever ever. Gosh I want one now.
3. What do you think pharmaceutical companies should invent a pill for that isn't on the market yet?
A pill to make people or yourself disappear. Some times you just need to be left alone.
4. When was your first kiss? Was it good or bad?
I think I was 10 maybe. It kinda sucked.
5. What is your guilty pleasure tv show that you can not miss?
Oh Lord there's so many. Right now its True Blood. I love my some vampires and witches and werewolves.


Connie Weiss said...

There is such a thing as dog lotion?

Nadine Hightower said...

I love Eric!!! He can bite me anytime!!

Nadine Hightower said...

ps: supplement your dog with vitamin e or fish oils... go from the inside out. And use an oatmeal based cream rinse for dogs.

Stephy said...

Mmm I love a good burger!

Impulsive Addict said...

Dog lotion? I didn't even know they made that! LOL!

What state do you live in? A Vortex burger sounds amazing!

Your first kiss was at 10? LOL! That's awesome!

Thanks for linking up with us!

Johanson Family said...

What kind of a dog needs dog lotion? Does your dog have hair? I can't imagine rubbing lotion on my dog-- talk about a greasy mess! getting dander on my pants from her is enough to send me through the roof... can't imagine lotion dander hair.. :) glad ya linked up though... Never heard of Vortex Burger.. sounds interesting.

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