Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Beauty Blogger and She's My Friend

I have a wonderful friend who just started up her beauty blog, Beautiful Looks, Dangerous Attitude. She is now going to beauty school and doing some freelance make-up.
I went Sunday to help her out on a job interview. I was her model. She had to do half my face for a natural look and the other half all out. In the picture here you and can see the lashes and eye brow job she did. The left lashes is the individual lashes and the right is the strip lashes. I think she did a wonderful job. I came out look like a crazy person with half my face all done up and the other natural looking. LOL. But I did it for a friend so I didn't care. I had fun anyways. I really hope she gets the job, even though I think the manager lady/boss was a big meanie. She made both of us nervous and I wasn't even doing anything.
You can go here to see her work on her Facebook page. If you live in the Atlanta Georgia area and need your make-up done for any reason lt her know.
Also with all that said, I need you all to go follow her blog so I can win a contest on her blog going on right now.
All you need to do is follow her on her blog or Facebook page, and leave a comment saying that Darlin' Mama sent you to her.
Thank you so very much! 

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