Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters
Guest post from: Steve Delaney
I enjoy watching Ghost Hunters, but can't watch a show like that when my young sons are awake. It scares them a bit, and I certainly don't want to do that--especially just before they go to bed. So I have to try to catch it later.
Fortunately, I can watch all episodes of this program on demand whenever I want--and for free--through my http://www.cannonsatellite.com TV service. That ability is so convenient because I can suit the program watching to my schedule--after the kids go to bed at night.
Jason and Grant are the Ghost Hunters, and they often hear strange noises--even voices--and sometimes they catch apparitions on film. Of course it's never a really solid image, but it's definitely something. And they seem so professional at what they do. They really believe in ghosts but they do what they can to find logical explanations for what they see and hear. I admire that.
But I like it when they can't explain what they see and hear. It's much more fun. I hope the show is on the air for many years to come. Maybe, one day when my sons are older, they won't be so scared and will watch the show with me. Until then, I'll watch it on demand when I can.

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