Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brownie Cream Pie

I've been wanting to make a home made pie for a while. I did a lot of experimenting and finally out came the Brownie Cream Pie. This one is made with a store bought pie crust, but you can make your own.
You Need:
  • Pie crust 
  • tub of whipped cream
  • brownie mix
  • eggs, milk, and oil for the brownies. 
Pre heat your oven to the temp on the brownie box. Mix and bake your brownies. When done let cool. I popped mine in the frig. When cooled take a bowl and add some whipped cream and some crumbled brownies. Mix well. Do this until just about all the brownies are gone and you have enough mix to fill the pie crust.  
Full the crust and add some whipped cream on top and some more crumbled brownies to make it look pretty. Than your all done and ready to eat.


Anonymous said...

I want to eat you. Mmmmmm

Sarah said...

I want a pie like THAT! Seriously, you make an AMAZING pie. Love love love it.

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