Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Crafter Inside of Me.

So I have started to think playing on facebook all day wasn't very productive. So I started look for different crafts I could do around the house. This started about a week ago and I have been crafting my heart out ever since. It started with my look for a way to make my daughter a sundress. Turns out I suck at using my sewing machine. I'm way better at hand sewing, even if it takes forever. Here are some crafts I have done so far:

I started out with these cute rolled rosettes.
 Then I made this necklace. It's for my sister, I hope she likes it.

Then I started making head bands. This is the 1st one.

This is the 2nd one. Please don't look at my non-made up face.

Then I painted this box for my daughter's room. It was just a diaper box. I painted it purple and pink. And it holds her toys perfectly.

I was really inspired by Oh So Happy Together. Jessica is just amazing with a needle and thread. 

Have you did any awesome crafts lately?

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