Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Petter Cottontail to Coming and We're Geting Ready

As a mother I want all the holidays to be awesome for my daughter. I try to go over and normal and make the day the best. I go out of my way to make every happy and to make everything easier for everyone else. For example, my side of the family is funding and fighting, so I took it upon myself to put together a awesome Easter Day for everyone, which includes in-laws, brother in-law and his kids, my parents, my uncle and his crew.  Nothing like a big mixed family holiday. LOL
Money is tight this year so we are having a get together at my house. Everyone is wanting to go fishing so the lake across the street is perfect. I still have to decide who is bring what, but other than that everything seems to be falling into place.

We got Skylee Easter dress yesterday. I love this dress. I didn't wanna go with anything pink, child has enough pink in her closet. And this one reminds me of the 70s.
I also made her a Easter basket filled with her favorite things. There's lots of Dora, some candy, and a book. And the basket matches her dress.
As soon as we get the food worked out with who's bring what everything will be set.
What are you doing for Easter this Year?


Bevin @ allisbright.net said...

I'm sad because my hubby works on Easter, so I don't know what we are going to do. '

That looks like an awesome Easter basket. We are going today to buy the stuff for our boys. =D

Love that dress!

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