Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Medium Next Door - Interview

The Medium Next Door
Adventures of a Real Life Ghost Whisperer
Maureen Hancock

You are truly, "The Medium Next Door," You're a wife and mother of two young boys - a soccer mom with a twist. How do you explain what you do to your children and how do you balance family life with the demand of your work?
My children are very open to spirit and the work I do. When they were younger, they couldn't understand why I left the house with amplifiers and microphones to do shows. When my younger son was six, his teacher asked each of the students what their mother did for a living. My son proudly exclaimed, "My mother's a rock star." Now, we talk openly about spirits and their guardian angel in heaven - their cousin Sean.
It's not easy balancing my work and being home with the kids. My top priority is being here for my children. I make sure I'm home four nights a week, helping with homework, cooking and eating at the table. Family time is so important. I do most of my non-profit work during the day when they are in school and perform to sold-out crowds three nights a week. 

Tell us about your work with parents who have lost children. We understand ou don't charge for these private sessions. 
Other than my work with the sick and dying, helping parents who've lost children is a top priority for me. I receive at least 10 new requests per week from parents who have recently lost a child.  Since my sister, Rosie's son passed, we decided to work together to help other parents to go on after the devastation of losing a child. Rosie runs the support group that meets monthly at my office and I provide free sessions to connect families for closure and peace. It feels really good to say I never charge for my private medium sessions. 

We understand your nieces also have this ability. Are they like the "Sorcerer's Apprentices?"
My nieces are both "Mediums in Training". After Anastassia's brother, Sean, passed, they both started communicating with him and began helping other people. I didn't have anyone to help me understand and embrace my abilities, so I made it my mission to assist them in learning how to handle the stresses that comes with the territory. 
You have a new book out. What's the book about and where can viewers get the book?
My new book, "The Medium Next Door" is about the adventures of a real life ghost whisperer. It's basically part memoir about my life as a medium, yet I'm just like your next door neighbor ... only I hear and see dead people. I write about my work with the sick and dying, helping people pass, assisting detectives to help find missing children and adults, and some profound reading that have changed families' lives. Each chapter has a reflection or suggestions to apply to your own life for healing and knowledge. 
Viewers can get the book and Amazon or from my website,

[I am reading her book now. Review and Giveaway coming soon.]

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