Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where's the Wine???

The name for this wine could not be more perfect.

The pass couple of days have been driving me crazy. Skylee is now almost 18months and is in full blown TERRIBLE TWO'S.
On a daily basic I say: NO, stop that, get out of the trash, shut that door, open that door, don't throw that, come here, put that down, don't bite, don't bite the puppy, stop, stop, stop, close the cabinet, get out of the cabinet, not yours, set down, stop whining, why are you crying, get up, NO NO NO NO NO!!!! like 10000000000005 times.
This kid is going to have me hiding in the corner, pulling out my hair here soon. I have now planned a trip to Wal-mart to buy some more cabinet locks. And I need somewhere to hide the trash can. Her and the puppy have some secret plan to drive me crazy by pulling out trash all day long.
I haven't even got to the car rides yet. She used to love getting in the car and riding. Not so much anymore. She loves to go Bye-Bye buy isn't big on riding in the car. This kid wants us to teleport or something. She will; crying and kick her legs and throw things you give her all the way the road. It makes the simplest things sooo hard to do.
I so see myself become a wine drinker. By nap time I'm so at my wits end I need a glass or a good cocktail.

Nikki Darlin'


Anonymous said...

I love that wine label too! Hope you can remember the "funny" tantrums and forget all the "horrible" ones. My kids ask me all the time about what they did when they were that age and I really just remember the funny ones anyway. Keeps it in perspective when it's so tough at the time. :-)

Ashley said...

I love that wine label, that's classic! I'm sorry things are so rough right now, get a cabinet lock for the trash!

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