Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine of 1st

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope your are with your loved ones.
This year the the 1st year Me and Scotty get to spend together out of the three years we have been together. The 1st year he was off training for deployment. The 2nd year he was deployed and now this year, we are together. I'm so excited and happy about today. I got my present early. Friday I got a new cell phone.

And of course I got a pink cover. Every year I have gotten a new cell phone. I like them better than flowers and candy. LOL.
Skylee got some of her gifts yesterday when we went to the store she saw a big frog with a heart hanging from it's mouth that said Kiss Me. She saw it and took off across the store to get. I told her to put it back that we weren't paying $10 for it. Then Scotty said why not? His such a push over. Then I made her this basket,

My mom always made us basket for holidays. So that's what I'm starting with Skylee.
Now for Scotty I didn't wanna ask for money to buy him anything because he would ruin a surprise and bitch about the cost LOL, so I made him this,

A Coupon Book.
 Because he works so hard.
 Because his ALWAYS asking for this.
 Because he says I always get to pick.
 Because he says I bitch too much.
I think he'll like it.

Nikki Darlin'

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