Friday, February 11, 2011

Motherhood is a War

Skylee is growing up so fast. In a few weeks she'll be 18months. We are in full swing terrible twos. These is when I realized that motherhood is like a war. There's small battle like, bed time, dinner, and brushing hair. But the over all war is only won when they are grown and you see that you make a good person to send out into the world.
Speaking of battles, I won one last night when I put locks on the cabinets. From a past post you read that I couldn't keep my mess out of the cabinets. Well last night we made a trip to Wal-mart just for cabinet locks. We got home and the 1st thing I did was install them. I knew the battle was won when right after I got done installing them Skylee came in and tried to get into the cabinet. Haha mommy won!!!!
On a cute note. We went to Ci-Ci's a few nights ago. We love that place. Not the best for my new "healthy lifestyle", but still good. Skylee usually doesn't eat much when we go there, but this time was different.

She ate a piece of pizza all by herself. It was the Mac and Cheese pizza and she loved it.

Nikki Darlin'

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Mommy wins one! :) Yay! Mac and cheese pizza sounds amazing!n I love the title of the post, motherhood totally is a war!].

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