Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a Hunter too.

The hubby and I were watching a tv show on Discovery. This man goes places and hunts for animals. Last night he was showing how you could still hunt even if you're in city limits. He went on to saying how everyone has a hunting gene and it's in us to want to hunt and kill things.
On one hand I find him totally wrong. I have never in my life felt like I needed to hunt something and kill it. My husband says he feels that way. And that shows the difference between men and women. Man are hunters and women are gatherers.
But I feel I'm a hunter too, just a different kind of hunter. I go online and I hunt for coupons. Then I turn around and hunt for sales to go along with my coupons. And then the big kill is when I go to the store and buy all the good food and I just got for cheap. Any woman who goes out looking for sales is a hunter. The men hunt and kill and bring home food. Well we hunt for sales and bring home food. I don't see the difference. My husband said hunting in the woods and more dangerous and stressful. Well anyone who has been to Kroger on a Saturday afternoon knows that can be just as dangerous. I told him, You shop during a big sale with a crying baby and a headache and tell me that's not dangerous and stressful. 
So women of the world, don't let men take all the credit for being the hunter. For you are a hunter too!

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Ashley said...

HA this cracked me up. SO true. :)

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