Thursday, February 3, 2011

God Really Does Answer Prayers

As I have posted about before, We were having car troubles. We had to out our car into the shop 2 different time in one week. With that, we maxed out our cards and had to borrow money from from the in-laws.
I was so worried about having the money to pay bills and pay everyone back. Then God answered my prayers and we got Scotty's w-2s. So even though we didn't have the money right then, at least it was coming.
We have been scrapping by this pass week and having trouble just paying for gas to get to work. I kept telling Scotty that it would be okay. And God answered my prayers again. Last night I went to check the mail and there set a check. Scotty gets checks from his school of the extra money that is left over once ht e army pays for his course. So like I was saying, there set a check for $250. More than enough to help us until the next pay day.
I have been just over joyed about this. It just shows all you need to do is keep faith. God will always come through when you leave your worries in his hands.

Nikki Darlin'

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