Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 Lesson Plan

I got most of this lesson from, and I added some of my own. Each plan from is meant to last two weeks, but I am starting late so we are making one lesson for one day until we it caught up.

Day 1 - Read Genesis 12
- Read Georgie Porgie
- Block Play
- Sing, Wheels on the Bus

( we watched Wheels on the Bus and Georgie Porgie on YouTube )

Day 2 - Read A Wise Old Owl
- Read Genesis 18
- Block Play
- Sing Row Your Boat
- Color Time

Day 3 - Read Genesis 22
- Read Jack Sprat
- Sing Down by the Ocean
- Play Hat Galore

Day 4 - Read Genesis 12 - 18
- Read Pease Porridge Hot
 - Play Cereal Transfer
- Sing Little White Shoes

Day 5 - Read Genesis 22
- Read This Old Man
- Play Phone Talk
- Sing Rubber Duckie


Jet-Setting Divas said...

Ha! I remember Georgie Porgie! I used to love row your boat!

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

This Old Man, Row Your Boat... these are hits! Not to mention playing blocks. Sounds like a grand plan.

Anonymous said...

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