Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WARNING : There's Poop in the Tub

I have been dealing with this for a while now. It's gross and horrible. Just about every time I give Skylee a bath, she poops in the tub. Like last night, she pooped and I had to clean just about the whole bathroom. I got her out and cleaned her off in the sink. Then I dressed her and got her toys out of the gross poopy bath water. I throw them in the sink with water and bleach. Then fish out the poop with a rag. The grossest thing I have done EVER!!! I never thought I would be fishing for poop in my bathtub. Never did anyone warn me that when you become a mother there will be a time where you will go fishing for poop. 
So poop is out, I drain the tub and then throw bleach all over it and wash it out with super hot water. I'm a germ freak. I hate them. I don't want them in my house or on me and def not on my daughter. So while I'm doing all this, Skylee is trying to grab the soap bottles that were in the poopy tub. She keep grabbing them and I'm freaking out. I tell her no. I tell her dirty. I tell her no again. I say I'm going to put her in the corner. Does she care about anything I said? No. 
So last night I find myself fishing for poop, cleaning my the whole bathroom with bleach, and trying to talk a toddler out of touching a poopy soap bottle. 
Then my husband calls and wonders why I'm so angry.
I have tried to much to avoid this poopy, watery scene. I would wait until after her after dinner poop and then put her in, but that didn't work either. I don't know where she's making it come from. Scotty says she'll grow out of it. That I just have to keep telling her it's wrong and she'll learn. I'm just so sick of poop. And I know I just have more to come when potty training comes around. Maybe I should let her run around naked outside until she learns. 

Nikki Darlin' 

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Ashley said...

Oh noooo, that's happened to us only s few times. Do you think she is doing it on purpose? I'm so sorry, I have no advice. I hope she stops soon tho!

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