Monday, January 24, 2011

So I Guess the Past is Never Really Gone

My cousin's birthday party at Dave and Busters.

So I was invited to my cousin's birthday party. I haven't seen her in almost 3 years . I was super excited. Like excited to the point I had my outfit picked out days before hand. And I love Dave and Busters. Nothing like drinking and playing Skee Ball.
Well Scotty didn't wanna go because of problems with my family and what not. I told him he had never met her and couldn't make judgment on people his never met. We got in a huge fight over wanting to go and he finally craved in.
So we drive an hour to get there and we are waiting at the bar. I'm still excited and looking forward to getting drunk and playing games and just having things be like the good ol' before kids days. And then I see him. My ex. The guy who made my life a living hell. The guy who layed in bed all day while I went to work at some crappy fast food job to support us/him. Yea I met him through my cousin. They "were" friends. I had no idea they still were. I mean I wouldn't stay friends with someone who treating my family member like crap. But she did. She is still friends with him and he was there at her birthday party.
So I have no idea what was going through her head when she invited me and my husband to a party that she also invited my ex boyfriend to. But that is what happened.
Needless to say we got the hell got of there. Scotty was so pissed. He was so streamed that his anger came out on me. He blamed me because I made such a huge fuss about going. And the fact that she was my family. We fought all the way home. I still believe it wasn't my fault and I was just as pissed at her and he was. I didn't know that was going to happen. How could I?
Things are calm now, but we are still both pissed at my cousin, my family who claims to love me, for putting us in that situation. That just shows not all family has your best intersect in mind. It also shows me just how much I need to let go of my past. Let go of people who I called friends. I need to move on, find new friends and put my little family first.
It's sad it has to be this way. I hate it. But I need to do whats right for my husband and daughter. If it causes us to fight, then it's not worth it. I know whats important in my life. It's now time to show everyone else what's important to me.

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