Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Broken Car

I now set here with no car. We went to Best Buy Sunday and when we came out and tried to start the car the key got stuck. Then it wouldn't start or turn off. The way the it looked someone tried to steal it. We got lucky I guess. My purse was untouched and my husband's ipod wasn't stolen. But the anti-theft thingy on the car locked the whole car down.
Scotty and my dad tried to fix it with no luck. so yesterday the tow truck came and towed it away. It now sets at the dealership. We have already pumped over $200 into it in the last 2 days and there's no telling what the dealership is going to ask to fix it. Being it was the anti-theft thingy no other shop would work on it.
This so sucks. Being that we have no money now and this week is rent week. We'll have to barrow the money from Scotty's job and pay it back. I hate owning people money. We have maxed out both credit cards now. The Capitol One on buying car parts and the Walmart on buying food to last us for this week. We spent all our cash on towing the car here and there.
I know things like this happen. Scotty wonders why I bitch so much about saving money. I bitch so much because I know things like this happen. I might not no where or when, but I know they do.
I ask for all your prays and thoughts this week. Just to make it until we got our car back. Right now Scotty is driving his mom's jeep back and forth from work. I just ask the Lord be with us.

On a brighter note. I would so steal this car.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Ugh I hate those unexpected problems that cost a ton! That pink car is pretty sweet. :) Good luck with your car!

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