Sunday, January 9, 2011

Purple Flowing fom her Mouth

I had such a panic last night over my daughter. I was laying in the chair watching tv, hubby is asleep on the couch and I thought Skylee was playing on the floor. Out of no where I hear her choking. I look down and find her really choking. I jump up and start trying to get whatever it is out of her mouth. To my shock this bright purple stuff starts coming out of her mouth, I scream! She stops choking and I look into her mouth to see this purple stuff stuck to her teeth. I grab a wet rag to wipe her mouth with and start looking for this strange purple stuff that I have never seen in my house before.
My 1st thought is a crayon. I just bought her some new fat crayons that day and she was coloring with them, but I thought I put them all up. I check the box and I was right, I did put them up. So what is this purple stuff she is trying to make a snack out of. In all the craziness of my yelling and running around my husband wakes up and see whats going on. After hearing the story he starts looking this this purple stuff with no luck.
I brush Skylee's teeth to get the crap out of her mouth when I see it's in her hair too. So not only do I have to find this purple stuff, I have to now give her a bath and wash her hair. So I wash her hair and listen to Scotty tell me how she's going to be okay and that it was probably nothing.
Okay I know babies are going to eat stuff and what not, but I guessed it would never be something that I have never seen in the house. I have no clue what his purple stuff was. But I have been watching her and she hasn't found anymore purple stuff and she's act normal, so I guess she is okay.
Lesson learned :
Where there is a anything, your child well find it, and eat it.

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