Monday, January 31, 2011

Poop Everywhere. I Can't get Away!!!!

I awake this morning to my daughter yelling from her crib. I look at the clock and decide she can wait 30mins for me to get a little more sleep. Boy I should have gotten up right then. I had no idea I would walk in on a naked baby covered in poop.
Yes that's right. My little mess decided she would change her own diaper because she thought mommy wasn't coming to save her. She just had no idea what kind of a mess she would make. She didn't look so happy with her decision. Poop was on hands, legs, and feet. 
This was a 1st for me. And being as native as I am, I always thought, "Oh that will never happen to me." Boy was I wrong. I always heard of it happening to others and I couldn't figure out why it happened. I always put bottoms on her to make sure she couldn't get to her diaper. Even in the summer I would put on those bottoms that came with dresses, you know that ones that look like cute little panties. Never did I think that she would get to the age to be able to take her clothes off.
Needless to say we took a early morning bath. And I will never put anything passed my little mess.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, bet you woke right up after that! I feel for you!! Might have to start duct taping her pants on!! Ha Ha!!

Meri said...

hahaha- I was going to say "that'll wake you up" then I saw the above comment- what do you do but laugh at that point?
Fun blog!

Crystal said...

Ew! Poo stories are so yucky!! Poor mommy!! I'm visiting from FTLOB!! Hope you have less-poo filled week.

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