Monday, January 31, 2011

Get $25 FREE

American Express has a new reloaded card out. The PASS card is great for parents with teens or yourself.

You can enjoy PASS free of fees until October 2011. Order by 2/28/2011 and get $25 free with your 1st load up of $25. That's $50 for you or your teen to spend where ever they would like. You can also use your PASS card to withdraw from ATMs.
Use promo code : SS25 
when you order to get your free $25.
Get your card Here Now

Nikki Darlin'

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Crystal said...

I found you via FTLOB. I was looking through your "about" hubby was in Iraq in 03-04 (15 mos away) and he leaves for Afghanistan in May. What branch is your hubby in? Sorry to ask so many questions...I just like to bond w/military mamas.

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