Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Free From the Dinner Ball and Chain

Thanks to my hubby's new work times I'm free of cooking dinners. Most women would be happy about this, not me. Well kinda I am, but not really. Before we got a place of our own I dreamed about our family dinners. I dreamed about the apron I would wear and cute pot holders I would buy. I seen us at the table laughing and enjoying our time together.
Well when he 1st got home we ate out a lot just because we missed going out together. Then he had to go back to work. So I started cooking our dinners. I would make fancy looking dishes that I thought he would like. Turns out he rather have BBQ pork chops, mashed potatoes, and greens. You know the classic southern man meal. So that's what I would cook him.
Then his then job wanted him to work night shift. So there went my dream dinners. At the time Skylee was on baby foods, so she was easy to feed. I would at sandwiches and cereal most the day. I really love cereal. Not the sugar kind, I love Rice Crispy and Chex.
The he got a new job working in the mornings again and I got my dinners back. By this time Skylee is now eat table foods. So our BBQ pork chops started to get baked rather than fried. I wanted everything to be healthy.
Now that his working nights again I'm finding it hard to keep things healthy. Just cooking for me and Skylee is hard. Most the time we're not hungry at the same times. So I would pop her something in the microwave and feed her something quick. I see this is wrong on the health stand point. So now I'm fighting with what to cook. What taste good, is healthy, and quick? Keep in mind I'm feeding only two people.


TJ said...

Check this website out:
They have lots of healthy foods for kids. :-)

Ashley said...

It is so much easier to cook when it's a whole meal for several people. I totally hear what you are saying. Does she like soup? That's an easy and healthy thing you can make and keep in the fridge. You are too cute to be dreaming of aprons! :)

Anonymous said...

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