Friday, January 28, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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Here we go!!!

Fawk you credit cards and needing to be paid off.
Fawk you rent week and taking the little bit of money we have. You suck!!!!!!!
Fawk you dirty house. I don't want to clean you. I want to play facebook games and blog.
Fawk you the fat in my tummy. Go away. I don't wanna workout, I just want you to go away.


Anonymous said...

I say we blow off cleaning the house and forget money probs by playing fb games and blogging!

Problem solved...and I'll do it with ya, you know...just so you won't feel alone. ;)

Happy Fawking Friday Babe!

Clayton Thomas said...

Why do I have a feeling you are not holding back on this post? ha ha


Ash said...

fawk it all. AMEN!

Mad Mind said...

Clean houses and svelte bodies just seem overrated to me.

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