Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to the Army

Sunday we went to the Bravo Co Christmas party. We ate, got pictures with Santa, and got gifts. It was a fun time.
The 1st event I ever went to with Scotty was the Army's Christmas party in 2008. I was just a girlfriend hoping for a ring. Now I'm a wife with a baby loving life. The last army event I am going to go to was the Christmas party 2010. It ends how it starts I guess. I'm kinda sad. We have been through a deployment and a lot of other crap the army has thrown at us. It's been a rough ride. And I'm kinda sad to see it go.
I'm going to miss the uniform and some of the people. I'm going to miss the events and the stuff they do for the families and the money.
But I'm not going to miss the long days the army take. The crap and people you have to put up with.
I'm going to miss being able to say I'm a Army Wife. I feel like I'm being kicked out of a club or something.
But theres nothing like being able to life a normal life. To have my husband work a normal job and not worry so much about him being hurt or worse.
So normal life here we come. Normal jobs, normal hours, and normal nights.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of normal...(or as normal as it can be I

You guys just enjoy being with each other deserve it!

Deana said...

How exciting, a new chapter! I love turning pages in life. I don't know how normal it will be if you are anything like me but so awesome you don't have to worry anymore:)

Anonymous said...

I'm SO jealous! I CAN'T WAIT to leave the Army for good. Next August is it for me and it can't come soon enough!

Ashley said...

What a big change you have coming up! Cheers to normal, once you have a baby it's all you really want, right?

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