Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh! How Our Bodies Change After Kids

Pre Baby Body: I weighed around 110lb. I had a toned tummy and legs from walking and working all the time. I didn't have much of a butt, but I looked great. Some say I looked too skinny and I had many nicks names for that reason.

After Baby Body: I weigh around 133lb. I have a pooch belly. My legs have no muscle at all from all my staying at home and really doing nothing. I have more than the butt I would have wanted. I have horrible cellulite. I have never had cellulite in my life. Now it's taking over the back of my legs. My poor legs look like the face of the moon. I know we all get it. Even Briteny Spears got it and she looked amazing before kids.

My poor hubby has to hear all this all the time. He'll tell me I'm pretty. I'll say how, then turn around and grab the fat cellulite on the back of my leg and show him. He'll say I'm a mommy now and that's what happens. Well Heidi Klum has 4 kids and look at her, perfect. Oh Heidi trade body's with me, PLEASE!

How mean God is on women's bodies. When we are born our bodies are smooth and soft. We get older and have kids and turn into lumpy beauty's, with all our cellulite and stretch marks. It's not fair. Then again life isn't fair.
Some women are so into having babies that they embrace their stretch marks and fat, well not me. I love my daughter with all my heart, but she did this. No I take that back, her father did this. And I don't have to be happy about it, but I'll live.

Thanks of putting on with my rant.

Nikki Darlin'


Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

Debbie said...
Nikki I am sorry you feel that way.
Many people call it a right of love.
You love your children right.

Your husband is right. That doesn't mean that it gives your right to be fat. but your body does change and some of it you have no control over. Many things go south after kids... It is the beauty of aging. We must do it gracefully.

Plus you should be happy that your husband loves you the way you are. Not all husbands are that way.

Ashley said...

I hear ya! This year I'm determined to lose my spare tire and tone up my legs.

Klove said...

Just be happy you're still young. You definitely have time on your side. Whatever you do, be sure you get in good shape before getting pregnant again. That way, you don't start off on a bad foot and just get worse! You can do it! XOXO

Toni Tralala said...

I bet you still look amazing! :) We gotta give it to her, she's got her slammin' body back! I should have a baby in my youth so I can work my butt off to get my body back or make it even better! :))

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Mz Clean Freak said...

O Nikki, just be Thankful you have a hubbie that loves you with or without weight. I find that a lot of women focus on their weight A LOT...I was one of them. The thing to fix it is FIRST love the skin you are in and work wit what you have. If you do that then you can embrace who you are from the inside out.
If you decide you want to tone up or drop a few pounds then do just that...not for the reasons of what you think a women should look like. But for health reasons or a hobby. I have stretch marks on ma stomach but I DON'T CARE...i want bigger boobs because ma two kidz sucked me dry but "o well" I won't go under the knife for it. I workout when I can, and when I can't, I don't. I won't stress over it.
Don't bother yourself about the outer appearance of yourself or be envious of others who are slimmer or toned. God made you the way U are...Just be Thankful you are in your right state of mind. *smile*
"it is what it is" ~ a life motto
Stay Blessed..

Mz Clean Freak said...
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