Saturday, December 11, 2010

I might be a Sports Fan.

So last night the hubby and I had a night out. We had free tickets to the Atlanta Thrashers game. Now neither of us has ever seen a hockey game. We have never even seen one on TV, other than Mighty Ducks LOL!
So we dropped our daughter off the the grandparents and jumped on the train. We got the the Philips Arena and found our seat and hoped we wouldn't be too lost when it came to understanding the game. To our luck we just happened to be seating in front of these older guys who were explaining the game to there young son. So during the whole game we got a personal play by play, thanks guys we really needed our help.
Horns sounded and fire blow out of these huge thrasher heads that were hanging over the ring, and the game started.
Surprisingly I found myself sucked into the game. I couldn't take me eyes off it. I was cheering and jumping and booing. I was at the moment a hockey fan. I found my sport. Deep in my heart this feeling arose and I was in love with this game.
Half way through the game we were tied. My heart was pounding. The other team made another goal and we lost. My heart broke. The Atlanta Thrashers were on a six game win and the game we go to, we lose. But it was fun. We had a wonder time. We cheered and booed and ate hot dogs with lots of stuff on them. I'm really looking forward to doing it again.


Glenda Cates said...

Sounds like alot of fun I want to take my son to a game I think he would enjy it so much.

Anonymous said...

You rock! Hockey is the BEST!!! I love it so much and I know you will too!

Klove said...

Hockey is surprisingly addictive. XOXO

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