Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Six

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1. What's the last movie you watched in a movie theater? Me and the hubby had a date and went and seen Paranormal Activity 2.

2. Share some movies with us that are guaranteed to make you cry. I know this movie is old but I cried like baby when I seen Step Mom. And Black hawk Down made me cry also.

3. What's your personal favorite movie genre? I love comedy and some horror.

4. What's the last flick you watched? Gosh the last movie I watched at home was Son of Rambo, we watched it off netfix.

5. Give us your top 5 favorite movies. In no particular order: Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween Town, X Men 1 through 3, Twlight saga movies, and Vampire Coven.

6. Now tell us some of your most hated... right now my stupid runny nose!

1 comment:

Toni Tralala said...

Paranormal Activity 2 made me jump off my seat! :))

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