Monday, November 22, 2010

Car Wreck Sunday

We had a very eventful Sunday. Even though you didn't want this events.
We were heading to the store Sunday afternoon and well, we didn't make it far.
While backing out of the our drive way, the husband driving, we backed right into the car parked all weird behind us.
One: they were park in the road illegally.
Two: We barley had enough room to back out as it was because of their stupid parking.

So Scotty got out and checked on everyone. They didn't speak English so Scotty just went ahead and called the insurance company. They talked, and talked, and talked for like ever. Then Scotty comes back to the car, where I had been setting hoping this would all be over soon, and tells me to go back into the house with Skylee because they were calling the cops.
Really the cops?! They were parked illegally and they wanted to call the cops?! Whatever, so I went back into the house an waited to hear the end story. The cops show and he takes down some notes. He asks for every one's proof of insurance. The owner of the other car gives the cop a insurance car to a 1994 Honda, Her car wasn't a Honda. So she didn't have insurance and she wanted to call the cops, I'll never understand it. From what Scotty told me, they wanted him to leave before the cop got there. For what, to make it look like a hit and run?! Gosh these people were acting weird.
So in the end Scotty got a ticket. Something for not backing up right I guess. Happy Holidays, we got a ticket! Just great! Oh and did I mention they people we hit were friends/family of the people who live across the street from us. I already don't like them because they are leaf blower crazy ( another post for another day). Now I don't like them for this.

Nikki Darlin'

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