Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Halloween Prank Ever

Hi Loves. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. Hope you got lots of candy and had lots of scares. My lil sister came over and I took her and my daughter trick or treating while the hubs stayed home and gave out candy.
Earlier that day my 14 month old daughter pulled the best Halloween prank ever on me. And she didn't even know she did it. I cooking something to eat for us and my hubs was on the couch doing school work. She was on the front porch playing, or so we thought. She came to down door crying, I looked at and saw she was holding her hands out. I walked over to her and saw red stuff all over her hands and arms. I said " OMG IT'S BLOOD, SCOTTY GET OVER HERE AND HELP ME!!!!!!!"
I take a closer look and see that it's paint. The little girl made my heart jump into my throat and struck fear into me that I have never felt before. When I seen it was paint all that fear turn right into pissed.
There were some red paint cans setting on the porch that I thought were empty and she got into them. Scared the shit out of me. But I have to say it was a really awesome prank, even if she didn't know what she was doing.

Other than that Halloween was awesome. Got loads of candy. And got to watch the old guy next door scared the crap out of kids. All and all good day!

Skylee was my lil devil and I was Mommy devil.

How was your Halloween?

Nikki Darlin'

1 comment:

Victoria {Victoria's Secrets} said...

haa. Ohh she's soo cute.
Love her costume.
Thanks for commenting.x

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