Friday, October 29, 2010

Safe fun for the kids [ Guest Blogger ]

Guest post written by Geraldine Peterson
My kids are always wanting to go outside and ride their bikes up and down our street and I do let them do that most of the time. Our street is in a development that doesn't get much traffic besides jus teh people who live in it so I feel pretty good about them riding around in it, but I still try and take the appropriate precautions.
After one of the neighborhood kids almost got hit by a car a couple of weeks ago, i decided to go online with our Clearwireless Internet 4g and find some resources to share with all the neighborhood moms to teach their kids.
I found all kinds of biking road safety, including even some fun worksheets for the kids to do to learn about it. So last Saturday I invited all the parents and kids in the neighborhood over to our house to learn about bike safety and fixed them some cupcakes to help bribe them to get them there. Hopefully that will help their safety.

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