Thursday, November 25, 2010

1st Year Hosting Thanksgiving

So Loves Yours' Truly Hosted Thanksgiving this year, in our little home. I was super excited about before the day was here. Then It hit me, people are going to be eating what I cook. That fact kinda scared me. So I got up and after a "try to un-stress myself" shower, got started. I started the ham and other yummy stuff. I started cleaning like a mad women and stressing out like crazy.
My poor hubby, I don't know how he deals with me at times. I was bossing him around and getting mad with him over dumb stuff. We had our exchange of words then hugged and made up. And I keep on truckin'. I got dressed and dressed Skylee. Then cooked and cleaned some more. By time I was done cooking and just waiting on the ham to get done, my feet were killing me. I'm a stay at home mom who blogs, I'm not used to being on my feet so much. I know laugh all you want, I did end up acting like a big baby about my sore feet.
Just as we were ending our 10000000th round around the house cleaning, Scotty's family starts showing up, three hours early I mind you. But I trucked on, like a trooper. This was my Thanksgiving and I was not going to let people showing up early ruin it.
The ham was finally done and look so good. And it was just fall off the bone, watering of the mouth, orgasm good. I know I'm going a little far, but you just don't understand. So we waited and waited, then finally everyone was here and eating was on.
We ate, talked, and watched the kids play outside. It was such a pretty day here in Georgia. I was wearing my favorite short sleeve Nirvana shirt, my comfy hole in the knee jeans, and my all time favorite shoes ( flip flops). Skylee did really good with the other kids. She is so used to it just being her around the house I am really shocked she did so well. She seemed like she had an awesome day, which makes a mommy feel good.
After everyone was gone and the house was sorta clean again, we sat down and watched one of my favorite Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast. Now that Skylee's tucked in bed, the hubby is soring beside me, and the dog is sleeping by my feet, I'm eating some more of my orgasmic ham. HaHa LMAO!

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