Monday, November 8, 2010

1st College Football Game : UGA :

So The husband's boss gave us four tickets to the UGA game Saturday against Idaho State. We didn't even know Idaho had a team. The Hubby loves his Georgia Bull Dawgs. If you think I'm lying you should see our living room.
I never liked football really before I met him. When I moved in with him the 1st time his whole room was UGA stuff. So sleeping in a room filled with football and having to watch football every week in season, I kinda started caring. So now by marriage I'm a Georgia fan.
We got up super early so we would be there on time. Man was it cold. Just so happened that our seats were in the shaded area of the stadium. It went from a 51 degrees day normal, 80 degrees in the sun, to like 40 degrees in the shade. Burr I don't like to be out in cold weather. I just knew we were going to be sick. The game was fun. We won, of course against the no name team. Hubby laughed at me a lot for not knowing why everyone was cheering. Yes I'm the girl who cheers with the crowd, doesn't matter if I know why or not.

Having four tickets we took some friends, well friend. I invited my friend Quianna and Scotty invited his brother. Well the morning of the game his brother said he couldn't go because he got called into work. Boo if someone is offering you free tickets and a free ride to Athens, you take it. You call in sick to work and go. So we ended up going with just one friend and a unused ticket.
We had so much fun. It was a great Saturday. Long ride, cold weather, awesome football, and good food, nothing better.

Nikki Darlin'

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