Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Love

Hi Loves! Hope everyone weekend was good and hope you all have started your week off good as well. I had a good weekend. All I did was set around the house and then Sunday went to the grocery store. The hubby did his school work and the little one did what she does best, make a mess. LOL!

Like all Saturdays, there was nothing on TV. So i ended up watching True Life on On Demand. I watched the 2010 show about newly weds. One couple didn't have sex, kiss or even sleep in the same bed until after they were married. Scotty said they should have done a show about us on there. When we got married I had just had Skylee a week earlier. Scotty came home on R&R from Afghanistan. We didn't get to have sex after we got married. We waiting almost 8 months before we had sex as husband and wife. It was crazy.

This morning didn't start off so well. I have five different alarms set on my phone. One to wake Scotty up in the morning. Another to wake him up again, LOL. The third to wake me up. The forth to tell me when to take my pill. And the fifth to wake Scotty up on Saturday mornings. Well this morning the second alarm to wake Scotty up decided not to go off. So I wake up at 7am, an hour late to get him up. So he was late to work. I'm not waiting on the phone call to tell me how bad his day is going.

Hope all is well with everyone. Happy Monday Loves!

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