Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Saturday [ Halloween Count Down Day 8 ]

HI loves! Hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far. Mine is going to be filled with cleaning, diaper changing, maybe some cooking, and waiting on the hubby to get some from work. He had to work a full day today, which sucks I like our Saturdays together.
The Hubby is wanting to go see Paranormal Activity 2 tonight. The movie scares the crap out of me. No kidding, Last night a fell asleep with the light on. The thought of seeing the movie scared me. So in true whimy fashion I'm now watching The Little Vampire on ABC Family. LOL!

I thought I would share last year's Halloween costumes with everyone. This is me and my daughter Skylee. We were mommy and baby lady bugs!

What were you last year? Please share!

Nikki Darlin'

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