About This Nerdy Girl

I'm a purple haired nerdy girl. 
I love Comic Books,
World of Warcraft, 
Doctor Who, 
Harley Quinn, 
X-Men, and
all those other fandoms. 

I'm married that sexy man right there. 
He puts up with my nerdy rambling, so he must love me.  

That's my off spring. 
She'll be going to school telling all the kids about Doctor Who. 

Youtube Channel 

On my youtube channel I vlog about a lot of nerdy stuff. 
Every Thursday I Marvel news. I tell you about the new comic and new thing in Marvel comics. I let you know about new Marvel movies and TV shows. Check it out. 

I also review new comics that I read. 
So go on over to
and subscribe and like my videos. 


stash mama said...

Ok this is too funny, I'm July 13th and my daughter is August 20th...looks like I'm your new bestie! lol

A Better Balance said...

Just found your blog (from Mom Bloggers Club) and I love what I see so far! I am definitely going to be reading more!

The Llama Mama said...

I just found your blog and its great! Love the theme/style. I would love it if you checked out mine!

Krista said...

hmm you sound a lot like me :) i think we can be blogging friends!

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