Sunday, June 3, 2012

Things that will make you feel old as dirt.

Ok so I know I'm not old really, I'm only 22 I'll be 23 in July. But things things made me feel so freaking old I wanna cry.

These haven't been sold in over 11 years. 

Pluto hasn't been a planet in over 5 years. 

Backstreet Boys are 19 years old. 

Then and Now

Then and Now
I feel so bad for thinking he is super hot. LOL. 

A new episode hasn't aired in over 8 years. 
I remember crying while watching the last episode with my mom.

Was #1 13years ago. 

Hasn't been a new issues for over 8 years.
I used to get these every time we went shopping.  

Lindsay 10 years ago

Ryan Gosling on Are You Afraid of the Dark 16 years ago. 
Still cute. 

They have been on hiatus for 10 years. 
Holy shit Batman. 

This is what facebook looked like 5 years ago. 

He has been dead for almost 5 years.
Seems like last week. 

I kick some butt on this thing!

Feel old yet?
I sure do. 
See the full list here

Do you remember these? 
Our kids are going to think we're crazy. LOL. 


Amber said...

You had me at the Squeezits... I would drink those things until I was sick!

Frazzled Mom of Five said...

Wow do I feel old...
New Follower (GA girl too)
Hugs, Jen @ f5

GiGi Cagle said...

Jeez... I should start filling out my will! I was to old for the squeeze juices. I had to stir the kool-aid and sugar together!!

itsmekt said...

LOL i love this - cant believe eminems daughter . that made me feel old! wow! lol im only 24!

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